Help U Mail and Notary Services
Help U Mail can provide you with a real street and physical address rather than just a P.O. Box
Use our address as YOURS!
(Reno, NV 89502)

  • Mailboxes in various sizes
  • Mail receipt notifying
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Signing for certified and registered mail
  • Accepting and signing for overnight packages
  • Postage, stamp and labeling

Mailbox Sizes and Pricing:

SIZE                                3 MONTHS           6 MONTHS             1 YEAR
Personal (4" x 5")          $45 ($15/mo)        $75 ($12.50/mo)      $125 ($10.42/mo)

Business (5" x 6")          $60 ($20/mo)       $100 ($16.67/mo)    $165($13.75/mo)
Corporate (6" x 11")       $90 ($30/mo)       $160 ($26.67/mo)    $275 ($22.92/mo)

*$15 set-up fee applies to all new mail box rentals and includes your key(s)

Why a mail box service?
In the state of Nevada, the law regulates that all businesses must have an office address, which can be very discouraging to anyone looking to start a business from their home. However, Help-U-Mail has your solution. You can rent a mailbox from us that will have it's own office street address that you can use solely for your business, and that will meet all the legal requirements.
This is in addition to the PRIVACY provided by having a business mailbox.  If you work online or out of your home, do you really want everyone to know where your private home is?

Call us for questions and availability  775-851-1960 
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